Jurex, s. r. o. hereby wants to thank the “Furry Tomcat”, Mr. Miroslav Kucerka’s studio for the last ten years in which we have commissioned the studio to design and create original sports trophies and plaques for the Jurex Cup, a golf tournament. We heartily recommend the studio’s hand-made products for their creations.

Dr. Jiri Kovar
Company Director, Jurex, s.r.o.

With the Moravian Championship 2014 in the city of Silherovice held on 10.5.2014, we continue our eight-year collaboration with the “Furry Tomcat” studio. We want to thank the studio for annually creating innovative designs of the tournament prizes. 

Golf Promote, s.r.o. 

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Miroslav Kucerka
Namesti Miru 1
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

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