Manufactoring/Production of souvenirs and keepsakes

Our interest in the Czechoslovak history prompted us to initially concentrate on the manufacture of ceramic souvenirs and keepsakes. Nevertheless, we can create various ceramic products with various motifs in order to meet the specifications and wishes of our customers.

Our hand-made products reflect  the beauty of our (our=Czech and Slovak) castles, chateaux, towns and villages which have a rich history.

Our studio creates a variety of hand-made souvenirs and keepsakes. For example, it produces:

  • Tankards
  • Mugs with motifs of towns and villages
  • Bells with motifs of castles and chateaux
  • Decorative Czech "spring-water" drinking cups designed especially for a spa's special curative waters
  • Ceramic shot glasses and jiggers fot hotels and guest-houses
  • Cork or ceramic wine bottle stoppers
  • Puzzle sets for schools and kindergartens, hotels and restaurants, for charities, castles and chateaux
  • Thimbles, small magnets, key-rings, candleholders and candles, ceramic plaques for tourist & information centers and for various collectors
  • New Year gift sets and items for organizations, and so on

Our studio also offers sports cups and trophies, ceramic vases, ceramic plaques, coat of arms, etc.

If you are interested in the traditional souvenirs and small keepsakes, do not hesitate to contact us! 

Need something special? Please, call us at +420 608 907 010

Miroslav Kucerka
Namesti Miru 1
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

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